Hario Filter-In Coffee Bottle - Bottle for Cold Brew - Brown

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Hario Filter-In Coffee Bottle - Bottle for Cold Brew - Brown

Hario Filter-In Coffee Bottle Coffee is a Japanese answer to the summer heat. Well designed bottle with a filter is the perfect way to prepare delicious Cold Brew - cold coffee that is sure to quench your thirst.

Coffee brewed this way has very delicate flavour, it is low-fat, with low bitterness and can be stored for several days without any loss of flavour. The bottle has simple and elegant body - it will make an interesting decoration of any kitchen. It is made of Japanese glass and silicone. It is equipped with a fine plastic filter which allows for obtaining brew free of any grounds, and the whole is easy to maintain. How to prepare the brew? To prepare Cold Brew, simply pour 5 - 6 g of ground coffee (medium-fine grind) into the filter respectively for each 100 ml of cold water. Stir gently and leave the bottle in a fridge for 12 - 30 hours (we recommend experimenting with brewing time). Then just remove the filter with ground coffee and now your brew is ready to serve.
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