Clever Dripper

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Clever Dripper
Mr Clever Dripper constitutes a combination of best features of a French Press and a dripper. Its special construction helps control extraction time. It is a larger version of Clever Drippera.

It is perfect for people who enjoy drinking coffee prepared in French Press but who do not like consistency of coffee and elements of coffee floating in the drink.

Thanks to using a paper filter no elements of coffee get to the drink while dripping through Clever Dripper. However, adjusting and controlling the speed of dripping constitute an advantage over V60 dripper; thanks to these features, similarly to French Press, we can experiment with time of extraction and temperature. It is possible thanks to a special construction which releases the drink from the dripper only after it is placed on a dish.

Mr Clever Dripper is made of resistant plastic and filters Melitta #4, Hario V60-02, as well as paper filters for filter coffee makers are suitable for it. 
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