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Tailored hardness control helps deliver your desired water recipe.

Everpure Claris Systems are specifically designed for specialty coffee and tea brewing. The cartridges help reduce limescale and harmful contaminants which affect water taste and odor by employing ion exchange (“saltless” softening) technology to remove carbonate hardness and lower alkalinity, preventing the scale-forming process from occurring.

  • Claris technology features a two-step process that combines softening plus sequestering to stabilize the mineral content of your ingredient water. The result is balanced alkalinity and mineral composition with a stable, close-to-neutral pH to help prevent limescale formation.

Hot drinks, designed for steam boilers and combination machines
The Pentair Everpure Claris water purifier is designed down to the smallest detail to meet the needs of the specialty coffee and catering industry. The unique Claris water filtration system combines sophisticated filtration technology with intelligent design excellence that has so far only been associated with larger and more expensive structures.

When technology is a major consideration, the Everpure Claris is a good choice
The quality of the food and drinks served depends largely on the quality of the water used to prepare them.

Advantages of Everpure Claris water filtration systems:
1. Lower service cost - no downtime due to limescale damage,
2. Ensures efficient operation and long service life of the machine,
3. Offers optimal use,
4. Suitable for high-volume tea and coffee making machines, soda machines, and even small sinks, steam and combined ovens,
5. It guarantees the preservation of the quality of the coffee - complete harmony of taste, pleasant aroma.

Cleans in 5 steps:
Step 1: Pre-filtration to “catch” larger particles left in the water filtering through the cartridge, such as sand.
Step 2: Ion filtration, reduces the hardness (alkalinity) of the water, while adding minerals to the water that improve its quality.
Step 3: Fine filtration that removes small particles from the water.
Step 4: High efficiency carbon block filter flowing price of water, which neutralizes unpleasant tastes and odors.
Step 5: Solid membrane type filter removes impurities up to 5 μm.




The Pentair Claris water purifier is a cartridge system with a unique modular filter and a multifunctional head connection.
The filter filter is specifically designed for the needs of catering units.
Thanks to its compact size and multi-valve connection head, the system can be installed and operated anywhere, vertically or horizontally.

• Cartridges can be replaced in seconds, simply "unscrew - screw in".
• Bleed and flush the filter head directly. You no longer need to disconnect the cord.
• Automatic on / off shut-off valves ensure safe cartridge replacement.
• The pressure relief valves are automatically activated on the filter when the cartridge is replaced.
• Each new cartridge has its own built-in seal, no replacement is required when switching to a new cartridge.
• Flat connector allows easy cartridge replacement even in tight spaces.

Unique filter concept designed for changing market needs
The Pentair Everpure Claris filter system is ideal for low, medium and high volume beverage, steam boiler and combination machines. It protects them from frequent costly servicing. It offers unique benefits, fast cartridge replacement is compact and economical. Its innovative concept ensures light, convenient and simple application, as well as its freedom and flexibility for future developments thanks to its modular design

CLARIS varieties and their capacity.
S: 1500L
M: 2500L
L: 4600L
XL: 6600L
XXL: 13200L

* Capacities are guidelines for 10 ° KH / 12.5 ° Clarke / 179 ppm and standard bypass.
Note: If chloride or silica is present in the incoming water supply, contact Everpure or our customer service before installing the filter system.

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