Acaia Pearl S Black - Coffee Scale

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Acaia Pearl S Black - Coffee Scale
Acaia Pearl S is a professional-grade scale designed especially for pour-over brewing methods. Perfect for coffee professionals, cafes, and home baristas. Pearl S monitors weight andt time during coffee brewing, and offers Bluetooth connetion. Among its new features, there is also flow-rate monitoring, coffee brew guide (access to coffee recipes + saving your own guidelines), 3000g capacity, improved responsiveness, and optimised sunlight readability.

Behind the simple and uncluttered design of our products is our attention to detail and quality. We hand-build and calibrate every piece of them to last. Thanks to proper dimensions (160mm x 160mm x 32mm), the scale is perfect for all pour-over brewing methods, as well as for weighing portafilters.
- Time, weight, water-flow - these can be monitored at the same time. The most unique is definitely the water-flow rate, which enables you to practice pouring and achieve more consistency. Moreover, the responsiveness has been improved, and the maximum capacity increased to 3000g, displayed in the increments of 0.1g.

- Bluetooth connection - Acaia provides an app (iOS and Android) that provides more functionality. You can display the parameters real-time, and use the brewguide.

- Brewguide - you can download, save and share coffee recipes. Simply use the app to connect the smartphone with the scale, and show the guidelines step by step on the scale display. Perfect solution for coffee amateurs and professionals.

- 7 modes - brewing modes designed for different coffee brewing needs. Includes Weighing , Dual Display , Portafilter, Espresso, Pour Over, Flowrate Practice, Brewguide.

- Rechargeable USB Power Supply -A greener alternative power source.

Optimized Sunlight Readability - an optimized display brightness to allow better outdoor visibility.
The package includes:
- Acaia Pearl S coffee scale x 1
- Heat resistant pad x 1
- Micro-USB cable x 1
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