Comal 1000g

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Comal 1000g

Country: Guatemala
Region: Huehuetenango, Caserío San Juan
Farm: Asociación Civil Comercializadora Maya Alternativa (COMAL)
Farmer: 255+ producer-memberswith COMAL
Varietal: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Pache
Altitude: 1,400-2,000 m
Process: Fully Washed
In our opinion: Large Body, Cocoa, Lemon


Retro London espresso style roast.


About this coffee

La Federación Comercializadora de Café Especial deGuatemala (FECCEG) was created in 2006 in responseto the coffee crisis at the start of the century. The aim of the organization is to develop programs with moreimpact on the coff ee producing communities, to getbetter access to the international coff ee market andto consolidate export logistics. The organizationsupports its member organizations and producerswith technical support, crop diversifi cation programs,education about integrated farming and support withOrganic and Fairtrade certifi cation.
COMAL (Asociación Civil Comercializadora MayaAlternativa) has been at the forefront of genderequity in coffee production. Nearly 1/2 of COMAL's members are women and the cooperative has createda number of programs to support female producers.One such program is behind our Café de Mujeres Fullywashed Organic coffee.


Harvest & Post-Harvest

Each producer processes and dries their own coff eeon small patios. They all have their own small pulpers,fermentation tanks and washing systems. COMALorganizes the collection of dried parchment frommembers and delivers it to the FECCEG dry mill inQuetzaltenango. Here, the quality team analyzes eachlot. Depending on the quality, it will either be keptseparate and sold as a microlot or blended with othercoff ees from the same producer organization and quality group.


Coffee in Guatemala

Guatemala boasts a variety of growing regions andconditions that produce spectacular coff ees. Today,the country is revered as a producer of some of themost fl avorful and nuanced cups worldwide. We areproud to work with several exceptional in-countrypartners to bring these coff ees to market.
The Guatemalan coff ee industry experienced a majorsetback with the 2010 appearance of Coff ee Leaf Rust(CLR) in Latin America. The epidemic peaked inseverity in 2012, and though CLR continues to aff ectsome farms, Guatemala continues to produce high-quality, record-breaking coff ees. In 2017, new andvaried processing methods pushed prices at theGuatemalan Cup of Excellence contest to recordhighs.
The quality of coff ee being produced in Guatemala isincreasing, overall, due to the diversity of theindustry’s producers. There are more and more smallholder farmers producing exceptional coff ee at highaltitudes. Cooperatives are becoming more appealingto so many smallholders because they often off erfarmers fi nancing and other support for improvingtheir farming and processing and are frequently ableto off er higher prices for cherry than middlemen.Many cooperatives have initiated qualityimprovement training for farmer members and arebecoming more adept at helping members markettheir coff ee as specialty.

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