Finca La Esperanza

Finca La Esperanza

Country: Colombia
Region: Socorro, Santander
Farm: Finca la Esperanza
Farmer: Paola Castillo
Variant: Castillo
Altitude of production site: 1,580 – 1,650 m
Processing method: Honey
Our opinion: Tangerine, Jam, Dried Spices


About the coffee

Joaquin Diaz (father) has been a lover of coffee since a young age. At first he only had a couple of coffee plants, later on he became the local representative of the CCGC (Colombian Coffee Growers Committee).

His passion went on to infect his family members, his wife Margarita Castillo and their three daughters, Paola, Adriana and Leidy Diaz all have their own part, from growing the plants, to tasting the harvested and processed coffee.

They used their effort and knowledge accumulated over the years to get the best qualities of coffee, cooperating with their partners and employees.


The Finca La Esperanza farm is located around 45 minutes away from the town of Socorro, in Santander county. The farm is in the hands of the family since 2004, although they have been growing coffee in the area since the 1950s.

Ever since the plantation has been in the ownership of the family they always aspired to innovate, the processing facilities have been completely changed, new efficient and ecological machinery has been implemented for processing specialty coffee. This not only improved the sorting of the coffee cherries, meaning separating the ripe cherries from the unripe ones using floatation, but also allows for experimentation with multiple processing methods, for example „Honey" method.


The greatest value of the work done in the plantation is it’s sustainable growth. Lessening environmental effects is an important matter to the family. They achieve this by finding new usages for the waste created during the processing: creating construction materials out of the byproducts of the coffee.

They are committed to continuous growth, thriving every day to create exciting coffees with special aromas and flavours.

Harvest and Processing

This product is „Honey” processed, which means that the cherries were handpicked, that had their ripeness checked using floatation, followed by the processing, which is done locally. The cherries are mashed, than the meaty coffee beans are spread out and dried over sheets. The beans are periodically flipped over, to ensure that they are evenly dried.

Article No.
250 g/pcs
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