Félix Morantes

Félix Morantes

Country: Colombia
Region: Curití, Santander
Farm: Café de la Torre
Farmer: Félix Morantes
Variant: Castillo
Altitude of production site: 1,900 m
Processing method: Honey
Our opinion: Apple, Caramel, Butterscotch


About the coffee

1,900 meters above sea level, there is a small family business, the Café De La Torre farm, where generations have been growing their coffee, near the town of Curití, in Santander county, Colombia.

Félix Morantes, the current head of the farm, has grown up on it, so coffee has been a part of his life since birth.

He used this motivation to propel himself to work every day on growing higher and higher quality coffee, for those consumers, who appreciate specialty coffee.


As a college student and the son of a coffee farmer, Félix has quickly realized that he wants to add value to his coffee. He took his fate in his hands and started his own business, quitting his job and concentrating on his goal full force. His business activity specializes on exporting his coffee, and looking after the farm. He puts great importance on creating direct contact between the farmer and the roaster.


Success didn’t take long. At the age of 24, Félix’s first ever export was 1 tons of green coffee, sent to Sydney. Since than his market has continuously been growing, he is exporting, among many others, to Australia, Great Britain, Aruba, the USA, Chile, Wales, China and Dubai.


Harvest and Processing

This product is „Honey” processed, which means that the cherries were handpicked, that had their ripeness checked using floatation, followed by the processing, which is done locally. The cherries are mashed, than the meaty coffee beans are spread out and dried over sheets. The beans are periodically flipped over, to ensure that they are evenly dried.

Article No.
250 g/pcs
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