Kercha Guracho 1000g

Kercha Guracho 1000g

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Guji - Kercha

Washing station: Kercha

Farmer: Tadesse

Variant: Heirloom

Elevation: 1950m

Processing method: Washed


In our opinion: It is characterized by apricot, silky, honey body and vibrant medium acidity.


This coffee is made in the Kercha zone in the Hambella district of the Guji region. In Kercha, the farmers in the area are almost all members of the same family and although many of them do not live on the farms but live in neighboring Addis, they return to the main work and do not entrust anything else to the harvest.


To this day, members of this family harvest the coffee and participate in all stages of the process, including fermentation, drying and logistics tasks.


The head of the family, Tadesse, is 70 years old. She has 29 children and they have almost the same number. No wonder they don’t need outside help. The younger members of the family also strive to provide space for modern techniques and to serve the modern specialty coffee community with high quality coffee.

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