Kercha Suke 250g

Kercha Suke 250g

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Guji - Kercha

Washing station: Kercha

Farmer: A crop of Suke village farms

Variant: Heirloom

Elevation: 2150m

Processing method: Extended dry process (Natural)


In our opinion: A mixture of overripe lime and dry spices and dark chocolate, with medium body and long aftertaste.


This item was also made in the Kercha zone in the Hambella district of Guji region.


There are 16 washing stations in Kerch, the most outstanding of which is provided here.


Suke is a village from which fresh deep red fruits are diligently brought by local farmers.


Prolonged drying time is provided by artificial shade. As a result, coffee has more time to absorb aromas and flavors from the flesh of the coffee fruit.

Article No.
250 g/pcs