Advanced technology and design for a professional espresso coffee machine

Theresia was designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, while the R&D department of Victoria Arduino projected the technological core. It is the same department that personalized the T3 technology already adopted by many successful products. Theresia is a many-faces luxurious machine.

The new design expression

Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas designed Theresia. It is made for the expert coffee lover that wants to have in their home, on the boat, or in the office, a highly evolved tool able to extract great coffees and fragrant cappuccinos just like professional barista do at competitions.’A precious object with an aggressive, functional, and straightforward design. An espresso coffee machine meant for everyday tasks, just like drinking a perfect espresso coffee that is not just for pleasure but also for an authentical luxury to admire and taste. A unique design that fuses tradition and innovation.’ Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas


The techonology that insures maximum temperature stability of the coffee machine. In a coffee machine, the temperature has a vital role because it strongly influences the quality of the espresso coffee. A stable temperature guarantees consistent and excellent results. But how? Even in this case, after applied researches and experiments in collaboration with exceptional baristas, we were able to find a solution that lets the user control every single parameter. That is how T3 is born, a technology that allows the user to set three temperatures: brewing, water infusion, and steam. What is the result? Accuracy control of the dispensed water which means stable temperature and a high-quality result in the cup. All this is also thanks to an electronic system composed of temperature, PID, and pressure probes.


It is the system for the best espresso coffee extraction. We studied an extraction system that is called High Efficiency Extraction System. HEES can exalt the aroma of any coffee because it extracted only the best and creamy substances. The consistency of the result and the persistence of the cream are the main benefits of this technology. It can correct any tamping errors and guarantees a perfect espresso coffee.
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