John & John Chips


Handcooked crisps – extra crunchy and extra tasty thanks to a special blend of spices – are a passion shared by John and John, two friends from a small town in southern England. John Farmer, a potato farmer by trade, produces the world‘s finest potato crisps using selected old English potatoes.

The unpeeled potatoes are carefully washed, cut into thick slices and then handcooked in high quality sunflower oil. The other John, John Sailor, travels the world in search of new and extraordinary spices with which to further refine the potato crisps produced by his friend.

The result: exceptional, premium quality products. Natural, and extraordinarily good.


John & John Crisps are not only made from the best potato varieties such as Lady Claire or Lady Rosetta. No, they are also produced in England. As this is the only place where you can find the tasty potato varieties from which the delicious crisps are made. On top of that, it was John & John’s wish that other regional specialities be used as well. There is Aspall Cyder’s award-winning apple vinegar, for instance, or the handmade cheddar cheese from a small family business in Suffolk, where each and every one of the pedigree Guernsey cows has affectionately been given a name.

Combined with “Mixed Roots” vegetable crisps, exotic spices such as pepper from Malabar, Indian chili or sea salt from the Middle East as well as an extremely gentle preparation at a low temperature lead to a wonderful overall result: crunchy golden crisps.



Our exceptional crisps of the highest quality are not only extra crunchy and particularly tasty, but also hold many other advantages. The selected potato varieties are cut into thick slices and fried in high-quality sunflower oil until they are golden brown. They are then refined with exotic and regional spices. As a result, we have natural, traditionally handcooked crisps.

But it does not end here: all crisps are without artificial additives or preservatives and are GMO and gluten free. This is our “natural promise”.




Name: John
Surname: Farmer
Country of origin: England
Profession: Potato farmer
Best friend: John Sailor
Favourite drink: Beer
Favourite food: John & John Crisps
Personality traits: authentic, trustworthy, of strong character


Name: John
Surname: Sailor
Country of origin: England
Profession: Adventurer
Best friend: John Farmer
Favourite drink: Beer
Favourite food: John & John Crisps
Personality traits: unconventional, passionate, authentic